Saturday, May 16, 2009

Centuries... Mafia Style

I use century rides as either a great way to get in mega shape, or at the end of the year as a great way to wind down a race season. Like that Greg Lemond quote, they never get easier, you just get faster. At least sometimes they do.

Today we were given a great gift, a Mafia escort to mile 30 and change... Having Don Vito himself, Pave' Maria, Rat and little Frankie give us the plush puppy ride... priceless. Having Maria give us French lessons, classic. Merci Buckets.

Of course, after that stop, we were on our own. The air was soupy, cloudy and windy. Not ideal conditions, but at least the sun wasn't blazing on us. And then it did.

I've had some bad rides, but today, After about mile 50+, I sucked. It is incredible how it happens... suddenly the legs just don't go. By mile 70 some, I was on my last dregs and suffering greatly. Then we ate pbj sandwiches, and suddenly things were better. To bad there were so many hills left... as long as we were on the flat, I was fine. As soon as we turned up, I was off the back.

But I made it in. Saved two turtles including what must have been a fresh hatchling. I think J has poison oak now as she took the little tacker and put him in the woods and has these cool bumps all over her legs at the finish. There is a price to pay for being good, and J is always the best of us.

Ride to Provide... raised money for the Fan Free Clinic. It was one of the hardest, best rides we've done. We'll be back, but maybe not after doing a hard 100, and some hard workouts the week before!

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