Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The wholecheck experience

Whole Foods opened up here earlier in the year. Ok, its pricey, but if you need good stuff, you know that you can get it there, no muss, no fuss.

Plus they have that neat Enoteca wine bar... I really like the idea of trying with a decent enough size sample before I buy.

My Dad came to visit last week and Cliff and I took him to dinner on Friday. Being the ultimate cheapskate, we took him to Wholecheck. Why? Because on Fridays, the one near me does 5 for $5. Except its not 5 its 10... 5 nice size food samples and 5 1/4 glasses of wine for $5, and if you bring the wine glass back, the next time its $4. Yeah, $4.00. Ok, its not 5 food samples, either. They do food samples all over the store, and I swear we ate about a pound of really killer cheese, too.

Dad is in his 70's and does a great job cooking and stuff, but that food bar, and the $4.00 dinner, he was impressed. I think I have a new convert.

So did we buy anything else from Wholecheck? Hell no. Stuffed, we drove across the street to get stuff to cook for Saturday dinner. Sure couldn't beat that $4.00 check though...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Intervention

I have my self contained survival unit, aka "the Queencab." It's great. It is completely supplied in case of nuclear war, alien invasion, or group ride. However, every once in awhile, the interior gets to a toxic overload level.

And my team does an intervention.

I get back from a team business meeting which resulted in my missing the team ride this morning. As soon as I get home, J pulls up in the driveway, hands me her keys and steals my truck. She has promised to return it to me Monday morning.

Ok. I understand. I've hit the tipping point.

So I humbly thanked her and went to go get dressed to go for a ride.

Only problem... my self contained survival unit is gone, and J's dinky ass little car has an ancient pump with the wrong valve thingie on it.

So my ride is tanked.

See, I'm right, and they are wrong. You really DO need all that stuff that is in my truck.

Big sigh.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To test or not to test...

There is a raging debate going on over at right now. Seems that if you get a Kona slot as an age grouper that you will now have to sign a waiver, and be subject to out of and in competition testing just like the pros. (And since apparently the governing body has never seen fit to look into TUE's for age groupers, you can imagine some of the teeth gnashing that is causing...)

Me, I think its a great thing. I think everyone who competes should be tested at some point in time. I remember one year at the Pittsburgh Marathon, a local high school coach placed in the money and was tested. And failed. He let out a cry that he shouldn't be subjected to the testing that the pros go thru, since he wasn't a pro. (and I think he may have lost his coaching position...)

I also remember a little ethnic running enclave from the DC area who used to pop out to races that had money but no drug testing. As they didn't live in their home country, they were not subject to out of competition testing, and since they didn't do races here that did drug testing, they weren't subject to in competition testing. It was quite a little scam, but there wasn't much anyone was going to do about it. Drug testing is expensive.

One of my friends had an agent whose husband was eventually busted... Oh, the stories she would tell from some of the houses she stayed in. Drugs being sterilized on the stove...

But if you think that age groupers don't dope, you are in Lala Land. One of my former co-workers was on a pub team softball team... He told me what he took. And I told him that his balls were going to shrink to the size of marbles...

Do I think age groupers should be tested. Yep. People put too much time and effort to have some crappy cheater take away what they rightly earned. I don't agree with the whole rules apply to some people and not others. Its wrong. If you test positive, the results should be public, your peers should know. JMHO... what do you think?

Friday, September 4, 2009

The portable survival kit

Welcome to the Labor Day weekend. As usual, I'm one of the only ones actually working today. Well, me and J. Sharon is getting her truck fixed, but never fear, she has both a laptop and a crackberry. The crackberry to send thousands of emails, and the laptop to play Mafia Wars. The only problem, is that Sharon's new bike is ready, and she is still stuck getting her truck fixed. Oh, second problem, her new bike is ready, she is still stuck getting her truck fixed and she is HUNGRY.

Now if she drove a self-contained survival unit like I do, she would be fine. I have a Toyota Queen Cab. It is built to hold one person. In a pinch, one person and four dogs, (one Doberman in the back and 1 Brittany and 2 black fluffy things in the passenger seat.) In the survival unit there is at least one bike, a pump, 3 pairs of bike shoes, crocs, 2-3 helmets, 6-10 pairs of gloves- none of which match, socks in all states of disrepair, a blanket or three, medical kits (notice the s), books, Wine Spectator in case I'm really thirsty, a camera in case there is something cool or you hit me, a bike trainer, a trainer mat, gas container *full*, money, and enough food and drinks to last a small family turned over in a ditch for a month.

When aliens hit the planet, and we have to flee into the hills... you will all be sorry. Me and my survival kit are packed and ready to go. Too bad there is no room for you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GamJams Review- New Favorite Helmet

If I had to pick one bike related THING this year that I really need, want and cant ride without, it would be the Specialized Sworks Helmet.

Specialized isn't even our sponsor this year, and this is still the helmet that I want on my head. It has a great locking system, that is easily adjustable. This is a good feature as I go from hair, to my every 3 year near crew cut and back. Believe it or not, hair has volume. I need a helmet that breathes, that is durable, and that you can clean up a bit. I really don't like helmets that hold that wonderful funk smell. My dogs do, but they don't wear helmets.

I'm sure that next year this will be my new favorite helmet. I can't wait until it gets here. Even as a favorite though, I doubt I'll be wearing it much and will still need that go-to helmet, the Specialized one.

Of course, my next favorite new "thing" this year is my new teammate, Pam. I've already got Thing One, and I've got Thing Two. Pam is going to have to be my favorite Thing Three. She sure is our favorite little pocket rocket, and we predict that she will be Kevin Dillard's new favorite subject, you know, after Eurotrash J.