Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Intervention

I have my self contained survival unit, aka "the Queencab." It's great. It is completely supplied in case of nuclear war, alien invasion, or group ride. However, every once in awhile, the interior gets to a toxic overload level.

And my team does an intervention.

I get back from a team business meeting which resulted in my missing the team ride this morning. As soon as I get home, J pulls up in the driveway, hands me her keys and steals my truck. She has promised to return it to me Monday morning.

Ok. I understand. I've hit the tipping point.

So I humbly thanked her and went to go get dressed to go for a ride.

Only problem... my self contained survival unit is gone, and J's dinky ass little car has an ancient pump with the wrong valve thingie on it.

So my ride is tanked.

See, I'm right, and they are wrong. You really DO need all that stuff that is in my truck.

Big sigh.


Jules said...

Not to worry, folks, the Queencab is OK and the mobile self-contained nuclear holocaust evacuation vehicle is unscathed. She just needed her tiara cleaned. No animals, small children, or me were injured in the process.


Jules said...

No worries folks, the Queencab and nuclear holocaust escape vehicle is fine. She just needed her tiara polished.

No animals, small children, or me were injured in the process.