Friday, June 19, 2009


Race registration for our TT closed at 6 pm. So I got out on the bike after zipping the info to James, so that I could get a ride in and relax.


Ring, ring, ring, ring... Help, I went to register and registration is CLOSED!!!

Yep, thats the funny thing. You put your info on bike reg 6 weeks in advance, and then send tons of reminder emails. Beg people to register. Tell them that when they play the EBAY game that bad things can happen... And still people are shocked when they go to register with 20 seconds to go, that bad things can happen.

How could anyone have thought of that!!!!

Nope, you are not getting in. Sorry, I feel for you. Really.

I got home and then spent the rest of the night stuffing packets. A little vino... Bravo tv, and a cat who thinks he should be a "prize." (no you cant have Fuzzy.)

Thank God its Friday. I'll have twenty emails begging this morning. The answer is no, but I do feel for you. Don't do it again. Enter early, make a girl's life easier.

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Fishwich said...

Good job on hanging tough. Sorry Icouldnt stop and talk the other night. Was sucking some serious wind. Marc