Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please run over ESPN employees...

No I dont mean it. Really dont mean it. But how would ESPN management feel if that was what WE were telling people to do... You know, dont run them over to kill them, just to hurt them bad enough that they couldnt tell people to hurt US.

I called ESPN and told them flatly that if they dont fire Tony Kornheiser, I'm going on a letter writing campaign. To their advertisers. Hit them where the rubber meets the road, or something like that. Fringe group? Uh, look at the typical cyclist= well educated, highly employed, with discretionary spending. If we all ever decided to make a change, we could do it by our sheer economic force alone.

I'm very lucky living out in the hinterlands where most people know me. Instead of having bottles thrown at me, I usually get a friendly waive. On the rare time that something gets said to me, its usually that, a word.

Not everyone is so lucky. To have this come on the heels of a cyclist killed in NC while riding on the SHOULDER...

Tony Kornheiser, I surely hope your days are numbered.

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Delane said...

I sent them an email expressing my displeasure and informing them that I will NOT listen to ESPN 980 until Kornheiser is GONE.

I miss sports radio.