Monday, June 28, 2010

Trailers vs. Paninis... you choose

Everyone who has ever been injured knows the frustration... you cant ride, or ride well, but your friends can. You know, the frozen face... "Oh, that's sooooo GREAT!!!!" comment when they do well, when you are stuck at home. Not that I'm not happy or anything, but lets face it, you vs. me... I'm small enough, that you loose. Kind of, except that I really am glad for you, mostly.

Here is my physical therapy torture of the day.... get strapped in and attached to a thingie in the ceiling... and then WALK on a treadmill at 1.5 mph. Easy? Too easy? Now turn 1/4 turn to the left, and don't trip over your feet and now walk side ways. Then turn 1/4 and walk backwards... turn 1/4 and walk sideways and then repeat... Now bump up the speed and reverse it.

Ok, try that and then tell me about your latest fast ride. I must have clown feet.., and about fell on my face. But... I am retraining my hip, and I am getting used to the heel lifts. And maybe when I'm thru suffering thru this shit my hip will last a few more years.

Of course I had my own experience tonight... Karen vs. the trailer. I went out after a very brief thunderstorm that barely lowered the 100+ degree temps, and increased significantly the already ghastly humidity. On the way back, on a very narrow road, I could see the on coming truck. And... I could hear the truck coming from behind. Then I heard the trailer the truck coming from behind... you know, the out of control, bouncing, completely out of control, kill you in a heart beat trailer noise that strikes fear into every rural cyclist noise? Yeah, that one... And I didn't hear the truck behind me slowing, and didn't see the truck in front of me slowing, and I knew that things were about to get tight, quick.

So I took that page out of the Steve Martin skit about "Gettin' Small!" Which I have perfected at work... and did my darnedest to just disappear... And somehow, by the grace of God, I got so small that I squeezed thru. Deep breath, and a wee bit of pee later, I made it.

Guys, you aren't the only ones. Women CAN pee on the bike. I proved it.

Oh well. It's true.

While you were racing and kicking butt I came up with the PERFECT panini recipe... Enjoy!

1 loaf of your favorite panini style bread
Really good brie cheese
1 nicely ripe pear
oven roasted turkey breast
Pam Olive oil spray

thinly slice the bread, layer thin slices of pear, thick slices of turkey and med. slices of brie...heat your panini press (0r like I use a George Forman Lean Mean Fat Grillin' Machine) and spray the bread with olive oil Pam... Heat until the bread caramelizes but doesn't burn...

Then Eat! Damn, they're good! Just a hint of sweetness from the pear, mixed with the meaty goodness of the turkey is wonderful! Easy, smeazy. Yum~ (BTW... serve with a nice Riesling or Savignon Blanc... )

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