Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fighting the good fight

I have "issues" with dying. Not really being dead, but the whole indignity and suffering that sometimes goes along with the process of dying. What my Mom went thru, I would never have put my dogs thru. I sure as all get out don't want to go thru it myself. Modern medicine may be wonderful, but it sure does have some pitfalls.

Every once in awhile though, someone's process and acts of selflessness inspire others to do really great things. Thousands and thousands of people have followed Susan and Elden's struggles with cancer. From the desire to do something good, Fatcyclist raised over $500,000 for the battle against cancer.

Susan fought hard, and is now at rest. The fight goes on, and if you have some $$ to spare, you might even win a really sweet new Orbea. So head over to Buy lots of chances to win, and help Fatty defeat cancer.

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