Sunday, August 23, 2009

Go Bernard Lagat!

It's funny... America is the land of immigrants, but in track and field, this guy gets no love. He came to America to go to college and has lived here ever since. In every interview, he is the classiest guy who ever spoke. He praises his teammates, congratulates all around him, and thanks his country, USA.

Today's 5000 meters... what a fabulous race. Usually the Kenyans box him in to punish him for changing citizenship. Today, running with stitches in his legs from being spiked, he just positioned himself correctly and the sea parted. Stride for stride with Bekele... two great champions heading to the line, I was riveted.

Bernard Lagat, class act, and American. You cant always win, but you can put forth the best effort to try. And immediately afterward, he went to hug his teammates.

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TerribleTerry said...

I ran with him often and hung out after races (because most of my teammates were Kenyans). He is also quite a businessman (an honest one) and quite a card shark. Above all he has the ability to just be one of the guys.