Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trying to keep cool- Reivew of the Aspen Cool Collar

Some things you just know work. That's my Brittany, George... about to go into the show ring on a stinkin' hot day. What's that pretty blue blanket on him? That's a cool blanket. You soak it in ice water, which these crystals in the blanket suck up and it acts like a portable air conditioner.

I dont say it works. George says it works. George LOVES his cool blanket...

So when I got offered the chance to try out the Aspen Cool Collar, I was all over it. I'm a tough reviewer, but I pretty much already was sold on the concept.
Why? Well, because of George. Then because of Deena Drossin. Deena is a hero of mine. In case you don't know who she is, she is the chick who currently holds the US record in the marathon, and took the bronze medal at the Athens Olympics. When everyone else was out warming up, Deena had on an ice vest. And when the race really mattered, Deena was flying.
Then you have the Garmin guys with ice socks down their backs. I do something similar with a Camelbak at tt's. A little fluid, lots of ice. Its initially a pretty shocking thing, but anything you can do to keep your core cool, is good.
So how do the Cool Collars work? Pretty good with a few tweeks. This is one size fits all, so unless you have a huge neck, it will be loose. That's not so bad, on a hot day you don't want anything strangling you. Other than that, it works. Put it on, it cools you down. Put it back in the ice chest to cool it down again and it works again.
The instructions that come with it are a bit skimpy, so here is a Karen Cool Collar 101:
1. it looks very thin. When you soak it for a half hour, it plumps up like a sausage. That's what it should look like.
2. put it in your cooler or frig. You want it cold.
3. when it cools down, give it a quick soak in ice water to refresh it.
4. You can use it while riding, but I think it dries out in the wind and then becomes a bit irritating. Its better to keep you cool before riding, and to cool you off when you get off the bike.
Would I buy one... yep. Its been stinkin' hot and I've used it almost every day. George approves. Could it be better? Yes, but not at $15.00. Cheap is GOOD.

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