Friday, January 23, 2009

Sharin the love

You all might remember that right before one of the PLT races, Christina sent out an urgent plea to find a home for a kitten that one of her dogs brought to her. My buddy and team mate Mark Pye took the little fart home. For the next 6 months he worked to heal up an abscess in her shoulder that required two surgeries, and more antibiotics than most third world countries use in a year.

I had lunch with Mark the other day, and here she is... all healed up, and the love of his, and his other cats' lives.

I always feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful, compassionate people in my team. I'd give Mark a kidney. Nuff said.

I'd give one to Paula, too. One a multi-club ride, Paula found a hound puppy in a ditch. The poor thing was starving to death- all skin and bones. I was in Penn. and Paula called me for help. While the rest of the pack went on, she waited until help arrived. Paula will not only rip your legs off on a bike, she has a wonderful heart. I love her.

Sharon's wonderful Mischief died this summer. What did she do? She called the post vet to get her a stray in need.

It's January, and we are about to start kitten season. I bet there is a spay/neuter clinic near you that will do FREE surgeries. Thru the end of March, the Richmond SPCA does free cat surgeries, no questions asked. They will always do pits and pit mixes for free, and the pets of college students and low income folks.

So if you see a family struggling this year, make the suggestion. From working in shelters, I can tell you that stopping the flow of kittens is a worthwhile endeavour. And if you have an empty place in your heart, consider an adult cat.

To Mark, Paula and Sharon (and J, Steve C, James et al...) on my team who have gone out of their way to make the world a better place for the little guys, many thanks. There's a warm place for you.

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