Friday, January 30, 2009

Killin' the 'trainer

Thursday nights is Cycor's team computrainer nights. We head out to Endorphin and generally stink and slime up the place as we grunt, strain and groan around terrible courses. You have to do rides like these with your buddies because you can't let "normal" people see you looking like that. We look bad. Trust me.

Carolyn Goble of Team Natures Path begged us to clean up the gym after we were done. She rides on Saturdays and just couldnt face the carnage after the Cycor people. I told her to wear her Wellies... you know rubber knee boots. I doubt we could flood the place past about ankle deep. We try hard, though. Its not unusual to have the trainers slide on their platform from all the sweat and slime...

Two years ago Big Bill (now Rapidly Diminishing Bill or Mr. Nasty) broke the first computrainer. We were climbing Wintergreen and he was throwning everything and the kitchen sink at the course. First you smelled burning, then there was this terrible whining noise, and then Bill was done for the night. (and two years later, that trainer is still broken :(

Last night was Gregg's turn to trash a trainer. We were going back up Wintergreen, Sharon took it out like she was shot out of a cannon (silly girl), Julie was pulling wkg that only Floyd Landis could pull, and Bill and Gregg were in hot pursuit. Then we started to smell burning, then there was this terrible whining noise and bingo, Gregg was out for the night.

Wintergreen... it kills.

This left Bill and Julie to duke it out for the win. If you ever wanted to know what really takes to climb, you just have to watch J. Its not the watts, I was beating her on straight watts, its the fact that her body weight, and power make her invincible. Damn.

Double Damn. After she hits the top she starts yelling at me. Team mates, some times you just want to kill them. It wasnt bad enough that she smoked me and was DONE, oh no... now she wanted me to really suffer. And Col. Sweatsalot wasnt going to lay down, either. I was so sure that I was going to barf that they got me a trash can.

Yeah, Wintergreen, it kills.

Where else do women average over 200 watts in a training ride, and top 300 steady for the top part of the course...

Thanks to my team mates. That that does not kill us, makes us strong. Too bad we keep killing computrainers. Maybe they need more hard workouts to make them strong, too?

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Pete said...

I put a small fan directly on the resistance unit when I do my alpe d'huez benchmark ride in march...too much resistance for too long w/out cooling = deadComputrainer4U

Wintergreen on a computrainer sounds pretty nasty :)