Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to all the new officials!

How cool was it to be in Toano today and see some 30 newbie officials taking the test! Too cool for school! Special congrats to Mr. Nasty and Col. Sweatsalot for passing the test with flying colors. And Carolyn, I bet it's been a long time since you had to take a test, open book or otherwise. Congrats to all y'all!

And a quick interuption to mention that the other Karen who got creamed by the car... (God love her and I hope she is very happily in a percoset haze about now...) yeah, that was NOT me. Thank God for small miracles. Now I might have been hoping to get hit by a bus (not happening in rural Goochaland) while I was dealing with the wind this afternoon, it did not actually happen. Look Ma, no stitches. So stop calling me, or send cash to make me feel better. You know, from riding in the wind, not from getting hit by a car. Cause that didn't happen...

Anywho, the officials clinic is always fun because you get to catch up and get the gossip from the rest of the folks.

Like poor Swanee, slaving away at Contes, only getting to ride 200 miles a week and is soo behind the 8 ball (bite me.) Sally found this cool website cheapo air (?) and scored 2 tickets to California for 250.00 and Pete is going out west to train. Sally is a girl after my own heart. We might have to call her El Cheapo Delux 2. Sally even uses Priceline. Pete, if you rub it in one more time that you have time to train 200 miles a week, I'm going to have to hurt you. Not that I'm cranky about my lack of training time, or anything. Grrrr....

Then there was our favorite chief ref and Ruth protoge', Danielle, telling us how not to fry a camera. I live in fear of frying cameras. Now I have one more thing in my life to be a techo-phobe about. I can just hear people whispering, "yeah, we used to have this great equipment until Karen got her wicked little hands on it... now its toast, like all her phones..."

Officiating, its scary stuff. Bike racers, easy. Equipment... now that's another story.

And my ride when I got home. It was warm. Yeah! And it was some kinda windy. Boo! But any day on the bike is a good day. Thats what I kept telling myself as my legs fell off on the big hill with the head wind.

And no, I didn't steal one of those great massage tables from the wonderful facility we were at this morning. What good is a massage table without a handsome Swedish guy to put the moves on you? Oh, well...

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