Thursday, February 19, 2009

Juice Plus is gone

All the women down here in Virginia were thrilled when little Rachel Warner got signed by Juice Plus. Here was a local girl, who worked her tail off, making good in a big way.

Then Tony Billota was so thrilled when the team signed Laura Van Gilder, and it looked like the team was poised to really do things in a big way. He was telling me how the Van Dessel team was going to put on a big women's race in Waynesboro, that would feature his girls.

Its a shame that when the economy tanks, so do women's teams. It takes so much effort to get a good women's team going, and so little to put them in the toliet.

I sure hope that all the girls, especially Rachel, land rubber side down.

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chris said...

Thats too more hopefull squad dropped.