Thursday, February 26, 2009

One week, no one died

It's been a whole week since I've run, ridden, or walked for more than a few hundred yards. I finally decided that if I didn't let my calf tear heal, I was going to be in for a long, and very frustrating season. So instead of that, I've been subjected to a very long and frustrating week.

So far... no one has died.

It's been a very close call though.

I have a new co-worker who insists on listening to all my negotiations from over the fence. Before I hang up the phone, he is prairie dogging it, wanting to know all the details. We may just have to play a game of whack a mole if this keeps up.

Its really funny how your body gets used to a certain level of serotonin from exercise. Quit cold turkey and its like your local crack head decides to mind meld with you. My body is screaming for a fix. Those nasty little lbs that have decided to join the crack head in my body haven't exactly been welcome guests, either.

Tonight I have my tt bike in the Queen Cab, and I'm going to throw it on a trainer and spin easy as the rest of the team does a maniac drill on the computrainers at Endorphin. I'm hoping that I can trick my body into thinking it has done something.

And maybe I'll get thru the rest of the week without getting arrested.

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