Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happiness is...

J giving me a FREE Chipoltle card from her hubby Dave's race packet from a Sweetheart 8k he did. Yum, steak soft tacos with hot salsa... Yum

And better yet, FREE!

Life is good.

And wasnt it a cool thing to see the little Garmin/Chipotle rider Tom Peterson hanging onto Levi's wheel yesterday when everyone else went by the wayside. I think he deserves some soft tacos, too. And class act on Levi to let the little guy shine at the finish line. Levi didn't need the win, he needed the time. But this win to Peterson will make him a STAR.

I was awful glad to have been watching from the sofa yesterday. I hate decending in the rain... But I do want one of the Specialized helmet covers. Come on Specialized, make them available to the rest of us slobs!

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