Monday, February 9, 2009

From the frying pan to...

Saturday was blissfully warm, and I yondered out to get a season's worth of Vitamin D. Too bad there was that pesky wind stuff, oh and the fires everywhere. I can understand people being addicted, but I can't understand why they feel the need to throw thier cigarette butts out the window. If they were so dirty that they couldn't have them in the car, maybe they shouldn't be smoking in the car. Just a thought...

Those flying cigarettes were causing fires all over the counties. I drove thru one, with the good ole' volunteers working hard to put it out before it burned a house down. I bet the a-hole who threw the nasty thing didn't even realize the heart ache he was causing his neighbors...

Sunday we got a group together to do my hill ride. Just head out 250 towards C'ville and the road goes up, and then down, and then up, and then down. Nice long, steady hills to get the body thinking about the season to come.

Col. Sweatsalot showed us all what valor under fire really is when she selflessly sacrificed herself to fend off the nice Lab that came out to run with us up the road. Sharon veered into his path so that he couldn't lick us to death and then proceeded to try to give him a drink with her bottle of Heed. She might need to go back to the firing range, as her aim in the wind was a wee bit off. I was the lucky recipient of a full body wash with Heed... enough that if I was stranded in the woods... and had nothing to eat for days except the Heed coating my body, I would have survived. What are friends for... Thanks, Sharon. Me and my sticky bike salute you!

Oh, and a nod to J... J couldn't make it to the ride since she was up in F'burg kicking every one's ass in the Sweetheart 4 miler. When I talked to her last night, she didn't say that she won, just that she and her hubby, Mr. Negs won the couple's combined division and scored a nice dinner at a swank restaurant.

Sweethearts 4 MileFredericksburg, VA02/08/2009 Cat Time GrandPlc Place Name City ST Time min/mile Ag Prix--- ----- ------------------------ --------------- -- -------- -------- -- ----- Women's Overall 14 1/1 Julia Smith Tappahannock VA 00:24:56 6:14 40 1000

On a tough course- I think I'd be happy with that one.

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