Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things you don't want to see...

I work in the top floor of a building on the top of a hill. Prime buzzard territory. The buzzards use our building as a launch pad to soar. All in all, I think its pretty cool. Watching them as they glide, and change direction by twisting a feather... I have pure envy.
Except it's spring. And little baby buzzards come from somewhere. Buzzards inflagrante delecto on my window sill is just not one of those things that does it for me.
Really, get a room. Somewhere else. Please.
It could be worse. A friend of mine had the pleasure of working in the Old USFG building in B'more when the peregrines were such a big hit. He loved them. Except that they tended to choose to eat their lunch outside his window. Usually at the same time that he was eating his lunch. Fresh pigeon entrails anyone?

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