Friday, February 27, 2009

Gangs in Salt Lake?

"Salt Lake City police reportedly made an arrest in the home burglary of Garmin-Slipstream cyclist David Zabriskie on Thursday, but have only recovered one car of the numerous items taken. According to the Deseret News, the rider's Toyota Scion was recovered by a Salt Lake City gang unit while it was staking out the home of a fugitive in South Salt Lake. " (from Cycling News")

As God is my witness, I thought that only Osmonds lived in Salt Lake...

I hope that now that the leads are there that DZ gets his stuff back, especially his Marvel statues. A man has to have his stuff, you know.
I worry about my bike stuff all the time. But, I really do have the best security system... no, not the ADT, and no not the 12 gauge... its Dallas, my very sweet, very big, doberman. Yeah, come on into my house... Dallas looooves strangers. While Dallas has you pinned, little Petey-wheetie will rip out your ankles.

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