Monday, March 2, 2009

Delightful or Frightful?

I guess its all in your perspective.

I had to drive home from Waldorf to Goochland in the snow last night. I have 4 wheel drive on the Queen Cab, so I was pretty safe. Not! Silly drivers kept wiping out all around me. Folks, learn how to drive. It was silly slick and aholes kept trying to zip around lines of cars into the deep section of the road, and would inevitably end up in a ditch.

Needless to say, that hour and a half drive took well over four hours. It was wild.

And boo hiss to VDOT. I finally saw a few of their trucks on 64 right at my exit. I followed them off the highway where they lifted their blades. What, you couldn't continue to plow? Geez, that pissed me off.

I hope that Gina got home from the shows... she took George home with her. While I'm trying to get back in shape, Gina is going to show George, and her husband is going to run him. All the way home I kept worrying about Gina heading north into the storm.

This morning I got up to about 8-9" of the white stuff. Its all in how you look at it. The little black dogs went out and had a glorious time. It wasn't long until Bob and Petey looked like little abominable snowdogs. Dallas the Doberman... he was not amused. He stood pressed up to the back door trying in vain to keep that nasty white stuff from touching him. He waited, not patiently, for me to shovel a path for him so that he could do his business.

The little guys, thought that was funny as hell.

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