Monday, March 23, 2009

Back on the ball again...

There is no place like home, there's no place like home. You'd think that I'd love being in Florida for work, and you'd be wrong. I was soo glad to get home, to sleep in my own bed, to snuggle with my dogs, and to ride my bikes. Oh, yeah, and to do over the phone coaching with my girls... Geez, you really do miss your buds when you are away.

Saturday it was the team presentation for Richmond Pro Cycling and Craig and the boys looked fabulous. The food at Savour was great, the wine, not so much. But, I'm hoping that it was a good fund raiser for them and for the Faison School (Autism). I have a friend with an autistic son who is a math whiz. Autism is near and dear to my heart.

Sunday, J and Colsweatsalot went down and had fun at the Sleepyhole crit. As the first real crit of the year, its tough to get the kinks out and Ive been told that the women's race was squirrely as hell, but no one died. Its always a good day when everyone come's back alive. Sharon was kept in place by J and Pave Maria... J said that I didnt even have to be there to be there. Maybe I can get my boss to believe the same thing... really, I dont have to go to Florida for trial, I'll be there even if I'm not there.

Now Sharon says that she knows that she's ok when she can hear my breathe. Maybe I can play tapes of me snuffling in courtrooms and people will think that I'm there, too...

And to Maria: riddle me this: How in the hell do you manage to get off the bike, barf, and get back in with the pack? Crap, last year I got off the back wheel of someone and sat 9' off the back and couldn't get back on to save my life. And I didn't barf. Although I really wanted to!

One little Karenism for the day... as a small word of encouragement for our newbie cat 4 chickies... if you have an open field, remember that those girls are out there racing with the cat 1 old timers. You guys dont throw your newbies to the wolves like that. Give the newbies a wee bit of encouragement. Have a separate pay out... of SOMETHING for the chicklets. It doesnt have to be much. We're getting an fairly high percentage of cat1 and cat 2 women in the area. Lets do what we can to encourage newbies.

And on that note: our Ft Lee race will again have a separate cat 4, 40+ womens race. Yeah, there are some cat 1 40+ers out there, but at least they are older! (and wiser)

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