Monday, March 30, 2009

Picking your wins....

Some weekends you just have to pick your wins. Sunday was Jeff Cup and my race was over well before it started. With no fitness, and heavy fog to niggle my asthma I was out on the course to have a day on the bike. I made it with the pack half way up the hill at the winery, and then just rode what the lungs could do. That is until the sun came out and dried up the fog. Then miraculously I was fine.

Poor J wasnt fine, she was with the lead pack until 1k to go, and then cramped so bad that she couldn't pedal. Some days.

And Sharon who I would say in horse lingo... "full bloom with dapples" was raring to go. All week she was up on her toes, pulling at the bit. And she got stuck behind 2 count em 2 crashes to have her day effectively ended early. Some days...

So this week we are celebrating GEORGE! Georgie Baby is kickin butt and takin' names on the show circuit with my buddy Gina. He won Best of Breed both days this weekend over the dog who is going to be the new #1 Brittany in the country. (Thats 3 for 3 in head to head competition for George with that dog.) Last week Gina took him down to Danville for the Gun Dog Nationals and George got to hang out and be a dog. This week, he's brushed and fluffed and playing the part of a show dog. Go GEORGE!
And if the next time you see me I'm a little meaner... today was day one of Nutrisystem. It's 8:00 and I'm starving already. A little less junk in the trunk might make me climb a bit better though.

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