Friday, March 6, 2009

Gotta love the Pyeman

After my team mate Mark got tossed around like a rag doll, stomped on, kicked and run over, he was bored silly and spent gobs of time self medicating thru retail therapy. After he got a killer deal on a Trek TT frame, and a whole bunch of components, he found that his new find, killer ITM carbon aerobars just didn't fit his newly smooshed body and deformed shoulder.

Lucky me. I was able to get the bars, and for a really nice Cabernet, Mark put them on and rerouted all my cables. Isn't she pretty!

Now I have to get out the Adamo saddle to try to make the bike UCI legal. I hear the breaking in, adjustment period is a beotch. So I'm going to be riding on my lonesome this weekend so that no one hears the howls of pain as I learn to adapt. I love that cheapo Performance tri saddle, and having to cut 5 cm off the nose of it (where I dont even ride, thank you) is just not right.
So, thanks Mark. You do wonderful work. I hope you and Lolly loved that little Cab. '05 was a very good year.

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