Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break?

Ok, so I'm down here in Ft Meyers with all the teeny boppers with perky ti, well you know...

Except I'm here working, in a freezing cold courthouse. I can save businesses and municipalities in Florida a ton of money... turn off the a/c. When I got to the hotel my room was set on 62 degrees. First day of trial and I'm in a cute little short sleeve suit and just about froze my whatsit off. Today, I wised up and wore a long sleeve suit. Tomorrow I'm out of suits and will have to make due with a long sleeve dressy shirt. Its just nutz. Everyone over 25 is in long sleeves.

And everywhere I eat, some 20 something calls me "sweetie..." Baby, I stopped being sweet a looong time ago. It could be worse, they could call me ma'am. Oh, and in the land of fresh fruit, no one is serving fresh fruit. The hotel has a 12.00 breakfast buffet, and the fruit is melon from Mexico. No strawberries and no citrus. Nutz.

Now if I can just get the other defendants at trial to bring me some oranges, life would be good. If not, tomorrow there is a farmers market, and somehow I'm going to get there and eat until I get sick.

Oh, and I'm going thru serious withdrawal. First no bike. Nuff said. Second, no wine. I refuse to drink crap, and since my hotel is in the boonies, and I have no car, its a hike to get to anywhere. We had lunch at a bistro near the courthouse today and the ladies in the table next to us were drinking what looked to be a really nice Chablis... just like any coke head I started to drool, and shake and go into the dt's. I went so far to drink a beer at dinner, and sweetie, its just not the same.

One more day of trial tomorrow and then I'm flying back on Friday. Let me tell you, there are liars, damn liars and statisticians. Any series of numbers can say anything you want them to. Please don't let facts get in the way of whatever you want to say. And my favorite phrase of the day is that " I know this from my long years of experience." Which means exactly whatever you want it to mean. If I drank a whole bottle of that nice Chablis at lunch I'd probably know that the sun rises in the West. You know, from my 43 years of experience...

Saturday, rain or shine, I'm on the bike. There really is no place like home...

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