Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bob Waddle

When I go away on business, my dogs go on a vacation to Cliff's house. Think of going on a cruise, but on land. There are rides, swimming, hiking, and of course... EATING. Cliff is sure that my dogs never get enough to eat. They tell him that all the time.

So there is breakfast with the Captain, brunch on the veranda, mid-morning snacks after a swim. Oh, then lunch. And after a Kubota ride, you have to have cookies... Then there is a formal dinner, and late night buffet on the Ledo Deck.

Poor Bob. He comes home and all the goodies are gone. I got home just in time. Bob can hardly waddle. I had to take his collar off as it was too tight. To pick him up... man, thats a weight lifting session.

The guys are looking at me like they'd really like for me to go away again. I was drinking a Slimfast this morning for breakfast to try to help with my own little Bob Waddle.... Bob just looked at me like there was no way he was going to be forced to drink that crap... you know, unless it was served on the Ledo Deck. Maybe after cookies, for a late, late, night snack...

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