Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pedal Power

Since my fitness is abysmal from the 6 weeks I've been babying my leg, and J has a big 8k road race tomorrow, we did the first Pedal Power race at Endorphin. Seriously cool- a computrainer race designed to show how hard it is to create and store energy, so that people have a better understanding of energy conservation. J and I are totally in to this. We better be, since Felix is on the Gov.'s Energy Commission, and has just started a new alternative energy company. Go ahead, ask me about solar...

One thing I can do, is measure effort and give it all... and having every one's times, watts, etc... up on a screen... just makes it so much easier for me. While the computrainer is a hell of a work out, it is not like riding on the road. With my fitness level I would have been dropped big time at the races this morning at Bryan Park. Despite my fitness level, Julie and I won. Overall.

One of the guys came up to me afterward and told me how cool it was that I ran everyone down. Yep, that's me, analytical. I knew exactly where my barf point was, and rode about 2 watts under that. I'm pretty sure that Molly would not have wanted to clean up after me had I gone over the line. J had to ride blind, but as usual, she blew everyone away in the w/kg arena. Don't mess with J. I needed the feedback, she just goes. Like an Energizer Bunny on steroids. Cept with J, there are no drugs needed. Wickedocity, yep, she's the definition.

So what did we get in our major haul? Hot damn... we got a back pack that has a small solar panel that can charge your cell phone when you put it in the sun. Oh, and a couple of these great rechargeable battery packs, headsweats, tshirts, hats, eco-friendly water bottles... and a $25.00 gift card to 3sports. Each. Damn, life is good.

I'm probably going to need that solar powered cell phone charger though. Like the slippery little sucker it is... my cell phone slipped out and decided to stay at Endorphin over the weekend. So since I have no home phone, all my friends will be calling the cell phone all weekend running down the batteries. Lets hope I can find it Monday when the batteries are dead and I cant hear it ring.

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