Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saddle Review- Terry Butterfly

The saddle that works for you, probably wont work for me and vice versa. I've given away more saddles than I have shoes, and I have a lot of shoes. My saddle for the road bikes, the Terry Butterfly. Like 99% of women I know, its the one saddle that women can actually sit on their seat bones on, and that isn't so wide that it chafes. After about a year the saddle "stuff" gets too soft and I get a new one and give the old one to a new rider to start on.

I've had Fizik saddles, Bontrager saddles, the Felt saddle on my track bike is a torture device. Strangely enough, the only other saddle that I've tolerated for any length of time was the cheap Fuji saddle that was on my cross bike. Why that one was ok, I don't know as it was hard as a brick.

I went thru a whole mess of saddles to find one for the tt bike. Getting off the bike after a particularly hard tt and be bleeding... not too nice. Believe it or not, the best tt saddle for me was the cheapest one... the Performance Bike Forte TT one. I think I got it on sale for about 30 bucks.

Unfortunately, unless I saw about 5 cm off the front of the saddle, my bike is not UCI legal and I wont be able to ride it at Masters Nats unless I get an exemption. So I bought one of the Adamo saddles, and got a zip tie to cinch in the rails in the front to make it narrower. Its been sitting by my computer all winter begging to be put on the bike. And I keep looking at it wondering how bad its going to hurt me until I get used to it. I've heard the first few weeks are right rough.

Swannee got one though. I guess riding on the Adamo is much better than riding on his old tt saddle's rails!

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