Monday, December 8, 2008

Col. Whinesalot

We planned on getting a gang together to ride from Dorey Park on Sunday. Sunday was predicted to be 40 degrees for a high with 20-30 mph winds with higher gusts. Prediction didn't change... it was the same way all week.

So, Sunday at 10 am, Col. Sharon calls. "Uh, RABA just cancelled the ride. What do we do?"

So I told her that I really didn't care what RABA did, we were riding...

"But its really cold and windy and we're going to die and you know how my feet turn to ice!" (Add a couple hundred more little whinisms here...)

So I told her to call J, and if she could convince J that it was too cold, that we'd alter the plans. Hah on that. J told her about all the rides that we've done in the snow. (which of course nixed any whining that I could do...)

And who was up front pulling and charging the whole way? Col Whiner. See She cant whine at work. When you are leading troups you have to be totally convinced all the time. So we are her little escape, she can whine away with us. What are team mates for!

And while I still owe Mike a winter tire review, I can give two thumbs up reviews... Being the cheapo that I am, I bought a new skull cap from Dicks during their 50% off all things Reebok last week. My head, and therefore my body, was toasty warm. And it even has a ponytail slit! At $20 bucks, it was too much money, but at $10 it was wonderful. (Ever notice that magical $10 price point?) The other got to have was my new Craft winter booties... Toastie toes. Happiness is toastie toes. Now if Santa would only bring me a nice new warm pair of Craft winter gloves!

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