Friday, December 12, 2008

The fun of home amputation

I'm usually pretty good with knife skills. It's one of those things you have to practice, and I cut up stuff often. I also believe in having good equipment, and keeping it nice and sharp. No dull knives for me.

Good thing. Cause when you slip a little, you want that knife to make a nice, clean cut. Clean cuts heal much faster than those nasty, gagged sawing things. Unfortunately, really sharp knives tend to also cut deeper.

So Wednesday night, trying to cut up a piece of Summer Sausage... and zip, a slip of the knife and all I could see was bone. Yuck. Other nice thing about clean cuts... it takes awhile for them to hurt.

So I grabbed a clean towel, and applied pressure and proceed to pace the floor. (Somehow pacing makes everything better.) The dogs lined up to stare at this strange behavior and you could just read what was going on in thier minds..."Poor Karen, she used to be all right, but lately, she's just gotten weird."

After awhile I got the bleeding to mostly stop and was able to survey the damage. Yep, cut deep, but not thru the bone. The thought of spending the night in the ER was out, so I patched it up, and tried to go to bed.

Yesterday I got my tetnus shot and the lecture for not going to the ER as after 7 hours they cant stitch things up. Thats ok, I heal fast. And stitches itch. Bad.

So last night I got to get babied at the computrainer races. Had to get my bike put on and taken off for me. No mercy while on the trainer though... Col. Sweatsalot had a trainer slip and tried to take me out. All the while Ms J was whopping up on everyone. You'd have thought that they would have let me have a sympathy win since I had to have a shot, too. But NOOOOO. No gifts.

So this Christmas, keep your knives sharp, and your eyes on the prize. A near amputation is bad enough. A real one whould have put the damper on the savings account.

And to all my buds at Cyclocross Nat's... I'm praying for rain for you...

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