Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's the little things that make you happy

Yep, I'll say it again. It's the little things. Its not a new car, or rings or crap like that. Sometimes, its something small.

Yesterday I was having a craptastic kind of day, and then... Patricia from Chipotle called. Yep, Chipotle, who sponsors a certain bike racing team, so I try to eat there a couple times a month without getting a burrito the size of my head... (by the way, per Bicycling... the steak soft tacos- if you dont get sour cream and guac are 650 calories). Anyway, Patricia called to tell me that I WON lunch for 10-14 of my friends (read 14 in Karenspeak) Yeah, baby! The whole kit and kaboodle- a meal, chips, salsa, guac and a drink. No, she didn't say if that included beer...

Geez, I started doing the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy dance. Then I got to start inviting friends to lunch... Now thats where the real happy, happy-joy came in. Times are tight, I really couldn't afford to take 13 of my buds out to lunch right now.

But now I can. Thanks Chipotle. What a Christmas present!

And then afterwork, empowered by the thought of free steak tacos and a drink (no chips for my fat ass)I went and just killed my run. 5.5 miles, and I powered up the hills, and was picking it up at the end. I swear I could have run forever.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy.

Behold the power of free food!


nPlusOne said...

Zipp wheels, Powertap, and now Chipolte!!! Buy that $130mm lotto ticket now!

Karen said...

Nah, I never win in the lotto. I think God wants me to fit in my britches. I win 130 million... I'd surely bust a gut!

Jennifer said...

I would agree it's definitely the little things...I'm happy (very happy) for my new car and it's little. Does that count? :-)

Karen said...

Yep Jenn it counts! you worked HARD for that car!