Monday, December 15, 2008

Tacky Light Tour

Well I took Georgie down to the Beach for the last dog shows of the season. We stunk on Saturday, but had the Beach bennie of 1. getting to run on the Boardwalk, and 2. getting to run on the Boardwalk under all the Christmas lights. The roar of the ocean, seagulls to peak Georgie's interest and lights for me. Whats not to like?

Well the Christmas parties at the hotel for one thing. Drunks are only fun if you are one of them. Trust me on this...

So Georgie and I went out real late and walked on the bike path as all the cars came down the Boardwalk. We only got yelled at one time, and did pretty much the whole thing again. $10 per car is dirt cheap, but waiting on Atlantic Ave to que up was a bit more than I wanted (we're talking hours.) Plus, the walk did us both good.

If you aren't a beach bunny, like me, the winter time is the best time to go. For the most part crowds are down, the hotels are cheap, and dogs are welcomed. Georgie loves stretching out on a king size bed, and from looking at the rest of the guests, I can assure you that he was much better behaved than they were.

Sunday George took a Group 3 in the Sporting Group which should solidly put him in the top 10 Brittanys in the country. Too cool. Now if I can just work on that we bit of photography flash phobia that he has developed. You can just never tell with dogs, but he hates photographers. Big and bold about everything else, but point a camera at him and he wants to exit stage left.

It looks like this is going to be another running week. Darn rain. Why cant it fall in the summertime when we really need it? Thats ok, running with George is a guaranteed way to run really fast.

George gives a nudge to remember the little guys at Christmas. His fav charity?, but your local shelter could probably use some love too. How about donating a bag of dog food or two and getting some good doggie kharma!

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