Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Elvis has left the building

I was hounded (get it) by everyone this weekend for the status of our foundling, Elvis. Elvis is a Walker Hound that was dumped out in Louisa. Cliff saw him, and being the softie that he is, picked him up and took him home. Actually he just had to open the van door, and Elvis hopped in and promptly fell asleep. For anyone who thinks that taking a dog out to the country ad leaving them "because country people need dogs..." what really happens is the dogs 1. get hit by a car, 2. starve to death, 3. get eaten. We have coyotes. We have bears. We have animal countrol who has better things to do than find a home for your dog.

But, Elvis got lucky. He found Cliff. First things first, Cliff fed him, put on Frontline to try to kill the fleas and ticks, and let the poor guy sleep it off in an air conditioned basement. Next thing was the push to find this sweetheart a home.

I got on the email lists and the response was gratifying. There were several people interested in Elvis, but the lucky winner was a great family from Chester, and now Elvis is called Harley, and he has his own 2 year old boy. They tell me the pair are inseparable. Harley is in high cotton, and from what they tell me, he is truely grateful to be there! He is house broken all ready, follows that boy everywere, and sleeps on the steps so that he doesn't miss anything.

Good things really do happen out there. If you cant take in a rescue dog, but would like to help, you might consider helping on the "underground railroad." A lot of rescue groups move dogs from high kill areas like the south and mid west to high adoption areas like New England. I help out American Brittany Rescue, but have moved dogs for a bunch of groups. Most of the groups work well together. Legs tend to be about 50 miles and are run with a precision that the military would be jealous of. Its easy, you meet great people, and help out a bunch of great dogs. Life is good.

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Podium Girl said...

I love it that Elvis has found a great home!