Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today's foaming rant

From today's Cycling News: "Matt White of Discovery Channel had a run-in with one of those dogs who seem to be plaguing the peloton this year. While out training with Julian Dean, White collided with a dog who ran into the road. The dog walked away, but White didn't, suffering a double skull fracture. It was not known whether he was wearing a helmet."
Ok, so most of you know that I love dogs. It's owners that I have problems with. On the Tuesday Chick's Ride, there is this little mop dog that consistently comes out and chases us on the road. You know, a pocket rocket. The other day, her owner was out and yelled at us, not to worry that she wouldn't bite us. Actually J thought she said "Just run over her, she won't bite you." I'm not exactly sure that that's an exact translation, but it was something like that. I'd jus as soon not see the little mite get squished, so if this behavior continues, and the owner doesn't care, I swear one day I'm going to reach down and scoop her up and put her in my jersey pocket and find her a home that does care. If you'd like a little yappy dog, let me know. I bet I can get my hands on one.
Now that we are deep in the dog days of August, remember to keep your dogs cool. (you too.) Thats Dallas doing what Ann Hardy calls a "flop." Hey, being chased around by two wind up toy dogs is hard work! Lucky for the boys, we can go over to Cliff's and they can run in and out of the South Anna until its time for snacks. Life is good.

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