Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Give a little, get a little

It's been a funny week as far as my women's program goes. I usually do a "beginning women's" ride on Wednesdays, but some work commitments have made me have to change the rides around to when I can do them. So Monday I had a new team mate ride with me who has never raced before. She's going to be good, she is going to have fun, she just needs to get more time on the bike! I've pretty much talked her into doing the Go Fast race on Saturday with the understanding that its a learning experience, that she IS going to get dropped, and should then move to the outside of the track and watch and learn. Sarah is bringing two newbies, and the chicks from Fat Frogs are bringing some newbies as well. Heck, we all have to start somewhere, right?

So why do guys keep telling the newbie chicks to stay home? Sheesh, it really ticks me off. This is the best place to learn what racing is about. Its a round track, no corners, and plenty of room to get out of the way of the cat 1-3 racers. Guys, you know what your momma said, cant say something nice, shut up. Send your newbies to me and I'll teach them how to be safe out there.

And while I'm at it, big kudos to the other teams who really work hard to grow women's racing. You know teams like Artemis, Fat Frogs, and Tripower. I hear people bemoaning the fact that more women don't race, but can you honestly say that you do anything to make new women feel comfortable? Do you take the time to introduce yourself and offer to help?

James' daughter Kristin said something after the Tour du Port and Peake races that showed what support really is... Kristin is a very talented young rider, and the juniors were all thrown in together. She's 10. The 17 and 18 year old boys were flying around the course, and she said that everytime they came by her they encouraged her. Way to go guys! Her experience at those races was so positive that I thought that I'd never get her off the bike! Thats a picture of her winning her first state championship at the PLT Age Graded TT! James and Susan are soooo proud!
Well anyway, last night I had a bunch of new people and old people over to ride. One of the new girls(Lynn) who is in the Trigirl program told me that she was riding this weekend with another woman, and they happened to ride by my house. Lynn told me that Becky pointed out my house and told her that that was Karen Hanson's house, and that I taught her how to ride a bike. It just doesn't get any better than that. My week is made.
Well almost. Biker BJ is helping me on a mission to get a cutie Boston Terrier puppy out of jail and into a new home. I knew that when I needed a hand down at the beach that if I told BJ she'd be on it in a flash. I'll keep you posted. We need to get all these little guys into great homes!

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