Monday, August 20, 2007

The last race of the season

You couldn't have picked a better day for our last race. Cool, sunny, dry, a slight breeze, and best of all, close to home. Life is good. It's also sad, as I was just getting back in the swing of things, and can honestly say that I felt better on Saturday than I have all year.

My job Saturday was to keep J safe and get her the Cat 4 win so that she could upgrade. Like she needed me... J and Maria took off and lapped the field assuring J of the win if she could just not get taken out. With one determined squirrelygirlie in the field, I was a bit nervous for J's survival and had to go up and have one if the "infamous Karen talks" with the offender. She might have palmares as long as my arm, but she was a dangerous person to be near. It was funny, Ann Hardy warned me pre-race not to look at her or she'd make me nutz. I did my best until she "swooped" into the curve and almost too J out. Then it was time for the talk.

Jenn came out for her first ever race and had a blast. Racing is FUN! I was so proud of her, I told her to stick with the pack as long as she could, and when she got dropped to move to the outside and try to make a sub-pack. Well, those girls weren't fast enough for Jenn! She just kept rejoining the big dogs when she could. Way to go girl!

And big kudos to Kristin! She raced a tri in the morning, changed clothes and came out and won the jr womens race, beating the younger boys. Kristin rocks!

After the race we were entertained by a guy getting nekked. We tried to get him to step a bit farther away from the car, you know, for artistic purposes. He did agree to take a picture of us after a celebration of champagne and fresh watermellon, even if he wouldnt let us take pictures of him. That's Ben and Maria along with me and J. The next picture is James. He wouldnt let us see him nekked, either.

Next week is the start of "love your bike season" aka how many centuries can you cram in before it gets too cold. Sunday, 8:30 am, Powhattan. Be there, be square.

Oh, and as of this morning, Cliff has a new foundling. A red dobie that appeared this morning after the big storm last night. I bet he got scared and ran off, he is too well cared for to have been droppped off. We'll find his home.

And, today I should know what kind of a break I can get from Giant on a new frame. The wait is killing me! I miss Trixie!

Happy trails

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