Monday, November 12, 2007

Dream a little dream

Saturday night I had a dream that I was fast again. Not J fast, but the old me fast. When I woke up and looked at the paper, the race had corrected my time and had me down as running 40:08. So just by dreaming on it, suddenly I WAS faster. (still sucks though.)
Sunday we all gathered for the infamous Hadensville Hill Ride, and before we started, the whaling and gnashing of teeth about the fact that "F***, Karen its 29 DEGREES! cries were starting. I have a sign by the front door that says, "NO WHINING!" I just kept pointing to it. 29 degrees is bad, but when you are climbing you get warm, and there was no wind. Of course, decending is kinda bad now that I think about it.
Our first adventure was on Rt 250 with Cliff up the road when suddenly from the left I see two pit bulls flying across the yard to intersect us. Pit bulls cant run fast for far, but for a short distance they can sure get a jump on you. So we sprinted hard and then heard the sickening soft tissue thump as the leader was hit by an oncoming car.
We got to the bottom of the hill and collected Cliff and headed back up to see what we could do. The dog was in the woods and I had to go wake up the owners and convince them to come out of the house to try to do something. I was sure I was going to get shot. Turns out the dogs never leave the yard per the owner, she lets them out of a kennel to play. She didnt know where the third dog was, the one on 3 legs as a car had hit him, but her sweeties... Beyonce' and Cody would NEVER go in the road. That was it for me, exit stage left.
We got to the store in Hadensville and poor Katie chose that moment to go for broke. Two brothers in the parking lot heard us hollering at her and decided to join the fray. I think it was the highlight of their day stopping that crazy red head from pumping all the way to Charlottesville! You've never heard such cackling, and name calling. They were hysterical.
As soon as we left the store, a bad car crash happened right in front of us. Whamo! That one, we didnt stay for. Dogs are one thing. 29 degrees, and now wet from climbing we were not going to wait around for cops to come.
So next time you are bored, come join us on the Hadensville ride. Its always an adventure.

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