Saturday, November 10, 2007

NASA, we have lift off

I know that everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see if I did or did not meet my goal in the 8k today. Some 4 weeks of running after putting up the goal, I ran 40:07 this morning vs. the 50 minute goal. Yeah! Yeah, it still sucks. Thats a suckfest time if there ever was one, but, it's my first race post-surgery, so I'll take it. In fact, I'm going to call it my new PR, or PR-PR.. for post recovery personal record.

Julie was sure that I'd run much less than 50 once I got out on the course and the old "Grusome Growler" juices got flowing. She wasn't wrong. I was going to be content to sit about mid pack in the corrals, until I was told to move up. Its a shame that the people that told me to move up didn't tell some of the walkers to move back. I bet they would have had a much better time if they hadn't had those pesky fast folks running their asses over. I took me forever to get to the start line, and then I had to play dodge walker with people who were walking 3 abreast ahead of me. Grrrrrr.....

Once I was able to break free, it was a fabulous run. Too bad they had clocks out there, because I thought I was running really fast again. If I just didn't look at how slow everyone else was running, I could imagine myself back in the old days.

You have to take each day for what it gives you though, and for me, this was a stellar accomplishment. I ran 8k, I didn't get hurt, and I really exceeded what I thought I could do. Now I'm thinking about all the races coming up, and if I just do some interval workouts behind(way behind) Julie, I might just be able to sneak up in time before bike season. It will take a lot of ice, and a lot of motrin... but it just might work.

And... if I needed anything else to be thankful for today, I'm thankful I still have my teeth. I got on Dottie and headed out to bring James some gels and fluids. Unfortunately the expansion joints on the Lee Bridge had other things in mind for me, and I ended up with 2 flat tires. At least I didnt get stuck in the joint like I was afraid of as I hit it. I like my teeth. I had to walk almost 2 1/2 miles to get to where Julie's husband Dave could get me as I didnt have enough tubes. (who has 2 flats at once?) In the process I got to see James, but couldnt get his stuff to him. Im thankful I have such great friends that they'd come get me, thankful for my teeth, and thankful that James made it in dispite me. It was a good day.

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