Monday, November 5, 2007

Questions, Questions

James sent me an email this morning that he sent to all his friends... you know, one of those getting to know you things that you did in MIDDLE SCHOOL! Geez, James. Funny thing is though, we all have all these acquaintences, but not many of us really know each other any more. By the time I was 20, we had moved about 20 times. No kidding. I am really good at making acquaintences, and have precious few true friends. The friends I have, I tend to hold very dear. Can you count more than 5 friends? I can't. But I know and admire a whole lot of people.

Do you really know your friends? Maybe that silly email questionaire wasn't so silly after all. And in case you got one from me, I'm still wearing those white cycling socks with the holes in them. Just like James...

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