Friday, November 9, 2007

Marathon Madness

The Richmond Marathon is tommorrow and all thru the land the familiar battle cry of "Oh, God! What am I gonna wear!" is echoing thru the halls. Temps are going to be about 35-40 at the start and will hit 50 by noon. Ok, folks that is PERFECT weather. Perfect. Unless you are James, who thought that last years temps that hit the 80's mid race was perfect. He's a cyclist thru and thru. Runners were laying down and dying (not literally) last year. James was having a field day.

It's not going to be like that part of A Christmas Story, where the kids dare each other to stick their tongue onto a pole. Thats cold. This is going to be chilly. Think throw away shirt, or my fav, a black Hefty bag with holes torn for your head and arms. You have to remember to tear the arm holes. A friend of mine asked why one time and I know I gave her the dumbass look of all time as we were walking over rough ground. You tear holes to protect that nice and probably expensive dental work that your Mom and Dad scrimped for...
I told James to wear arm skins so that he could peel them down and hand them to me. I'm betting I find him in long sleeves, gloves, and maybe a jacket. At least the homeless people make out well on Marathon Day, all that nice stuff people throw off as they over heat... its a good thing.
Me, I'm going to run the 8k, run back to the Queen Cab, and get Dottie out of the back. I'd normally bring my mtn bike, Boo Boo, but Cliff isnt coming, and she doesn't fit in the back of the truck. No way I'm leaving an expensive bike on a bike rack in town. I'll hookup with James at a few places on the course that his wife can't get to, and give him his fluids and gels, and then head back to the finish to cheer him on.
So head on downtown on Saturday. Park way out and ride your bike in. You'll be glad you did. Susan Greenbaum is playing at the finish line, there will be tons of people to cheer for, and I guarantee you a good time. (or your money back.)

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