Thursday, November 1, 2007

A typical Colony Halloween

I work in a pretty unusual office. We like to have fun. In fact, its not really about having fun, its about bonding, and beating the crap out of the other departments. Here are some photos from our version of "Deal Or No Deal" for the Halloween skits that each dept had to do. That's Renee who was our contestant. Renee blew everyone away, I see an acting career in her future. Of course, the whole episode was videotaped so that people could be blackmailed in the future, and we're going to send the tape off to the producers in hopes of actually getting Renee on the show.

As I have little in the way of acting skills, I was one of the "ladies" who carry the briefcases. Of course, being a big money kind of girl, mine had the million dollars in it. Too bad Renee didn't pick it.

So who's did she pick? Yep, thats my big boss, "Candy Graham." Cool isn't it to have a boss, who has a wicked sick sense of humor isn't it!

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