Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Runnin with Katie

Actually, we could call this "Pushing Kylie!" My bud Katie came out to run with me last night and brought her beautiful daughter Kylie to join us. Katie doesn't have a jogger, being a cyclist, she has one of those pull trailers.

I now appreciate motherhood even more. Better than that, I really appreciate the choice to like other people's kids! Setting up that trailer was a JOB, and pushing it... well, I have muscle aches today like I've never had before. I loved it. Kylie had a great time even if she did look at me like I was a Cereal Killer. That trailer might be huge, but it did a good job on my wacky, off and on road adventure.

So here's hoping that I can talk Katie into coming back out and joining me again. All we need is a little push to get going!

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