Friday, October 26, 2007

Black Clouds

It was a dark and stormy night. Our intrepid heroine, bravely faced the crazed commuters going down Grove Ave, potholes, kids running, and adults darting in and out to make her way to Retreat Hospital to rush to the bed side of her valiant partner, and best buddy, J. As God was on her side, she easily found a parking spot in the garage and rushed thru the maze like hallways to the ER only to find J, high as a kite, and in typical J fashion ordering the docs and nurses to do things "her way."

Melodramatic, huh?

Poor J. She's been having tummy issues for a few weeks now. Fleeting, painful, but not really something that you could nail down. Good thing she works in the hospital, and when things got bad yesterday, she could just walk down to the ER. Problem is, skinny-minny J is so skinny that the cat scan couldnt definitively show if it was her appendix or not. So they just kept shooting her up with pain meds, and kept telling her that her room was ready and they'd move her "soon." Hours later, she finally got moved, but they still wouldn't give her anything to eat in case they had to go in and rip out the pesky offender.

So how was J taking it? Well in typical J fashion, she knew everyone's story by the time I got there... not just the nurses, but the other patients. She had charmed everyone into changing the meds to the ones SHE wanted....

So keep your fingers crossed that it turns out to be something benign. J has a big race to run at the Ntelos 8k. She's been hovering on the low 18 min. mark for 5ks all season and has been planning a big break thru. Damn, she's fast.

This would be a bummer of a way for her to get out of riding 100 miles with me on Sunday, now wouldn't it!

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