Friday, October 5, 2007

Cheaters Beware

Just like Al Capone wasn't caught for being a mobster, I think it's highly amusing that drug cheats are now getting caught not for being drug cheats, but for lying about it. Marion Jones is due to plead guilty today to two counts of lying to prosecutors. I find it highly amusing that she still contends that at the time she was taking "The Clear" that she didn't know it was steroids, that Trevor Graham told her it was flax seed oil. Sure, it was. Most of us either pour flax seed oil in cereal or take capsules, but Maid Marion, a college educated, very smart woman didn't see anything wrong with the fact that she had to put it under her tongue. She also didn't see anything wrong with her tremendous speed I guess, either. Oh, and how about the backne? She could have been a star for Proactive it got so bad.

What I think would be really amusing would be to have the second place person at all the races Marion won, sue her for lost earnings, publicity, and sponsorship. I always wondered why Suzy Favor Hamilton didn't do that to Regina Jacobs. Suzy was a perpetual also ran to Regina, and never got the $$ as a result.

People say that cycling is rife with drugs. I think all sports are. Track and field and cycling just are the sports that are actually trying to do something about it. Isn't it ironic that in the end its going to be the Feds that crack things open. Not for using drugs, but for lying. Maybe Martha Stewart can give Ms. Jones some tips on how to do time and come out on top.

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