Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flying to Hartford

Thank God for Contenental. In order to get to Hartford, I could fly them to Newark, wait a few hours and then fly there, or if I went another airline, you have to go Richmond to St. Louis to Hartford, to Detroit, to Atlanta etc... I have a basic rule that I dont fly North to go South, or East to go West. It's silly.

When I got to Hartford, one of my attorneys picked me up, which was easy to do as the airport is about the size of Richmond. I'd never met her before, but she immediately picked me out because of my sport's bag. I guess I come with a reputation.

There was one decent hotel in Hartford that had rooms, and yikes, mine ended up costing over 300 bucks. Yikes. It was a double decker room, with the bedroom in a loft, two full baths, all full of really nice soaps, lotions and stuff. James' daughter Kristin will be thrilled to get all the swag, which I was able to talk my way past a nice TSA guy with. Of course it ment leaving my toothpaste behind, and having to use a gallon size zip lock bag to get thru security. He suggested that I just check my bag, but my record with airlines loosing my luggage is berry bad and I wont do that. Being a military brat has its advantages. I pack light.

So why the $300 room? Bruce Springstein was in town. Rats, I would have loved to have gone to that show! Instead we got bumped from the usual steak house dinner, (again yeah!), and went to a fabulous Italian seafood place instead. Grilled sea bass beats a hunk of meat any day. The champagne reception in the hotel was really nice, too. Having it all paid by someone else, even better.

Having the mediation flop, not so nice. But, cell phones are an amazing thing. I did about a full days work when I was stuck in Newark 1/2 the day on the way back by phone. Getting to do it in a bar, drinking Sam Adams, priceless. Any weight I lost last week I'm sure has found its way home.

If you are going to have to suffer thru travel, you might as well do it in style.
Now to the endless pages of email that await!

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