Friday, October 12, 2007

Felt up

Ok, I know this is going to drive everyone crazy... but I've been saving for a track bike of my very own. I think track racing looks like some kind of fun, even if slowing the bike makes my knees ache.
So being the bargain pig that I am, when a team in Colorado was selling their track bikes that had been used for 3 days of racing, at less than 1/2 price on EBAY, well I was all over it.
So meet the newest addition to the clan...
Her name is "UP". (Get it!) I know James is going nutz now. He hates it when I name my bikes. The way I figure it, anyone you hang around with as much as I hang around my bikes, well, you had better be on a first name basis with them. You know, establish a real relationship and all that so they are less inclined to hurt you or screw you over.
I cant wait til she gets here! Durango to Richmond. What an adventure!

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