Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ok, so I'm a thief

Not only did I steal this this morning, but I burgled the local Wawa. I'm so ashamed and am thinking about just heading off to the Goochland jail and checking in. Of course I'd have to ask immediately what kind of offense I'd have to do so that I could end up in solitary confinement. I might be a thief, but I'm a discriminating theif and wouldn't want to end up like those common theives.
So how did I take this shocking turn to the dark side? I'm going to call it insanity. I'd be hard pressed to call it temporary insanity as most people know that I skipped over the edge long ago. So I must just be plain nutzville. Or it was a lack of coffee. Of course, I hate coffee, except for the smell and don't drink the nasty stuff. Or maybe it was payback for the fact that one girl in Wawa routinely overcharges me. I don't know. I'm bad, and need to be punished.
It could be an over abundance of euphoria from all the rain we got yesterday. We had nice, steady rain in Goochland until about 8:30 pm when the skies opened up and it flat out poured. I'm thinking we got about 3-4" total in one day. Thats more than we've gotten since the beginning of summer. Combined. Sounds like as good an explaination for my new found life of crime as any.
So maybe I'll wait until tommorrow. Go to the store manager and fall on my knees and beg forgiveness for the fact that I stole from her. I can only guess what possessed me to put that newspaper under my arm as I got my mega cup of tea, and turkey and egg white bagel. It surely was the Devil that made me forget to put it on the counter though. I'll pay for the paper and will hope they won't hold it against me too much. I just can't live without my Wawa.

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