Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I dont see you, you dont see me

I think that everyone decided to give me a scare yesterday. Call it early Halloween tricks or something. When I was researching getting my hip repair in the spring, I signed up for a forum about the condition which was very informative, if very scary. The problem with this surgery is that not many doctors do it, and of the ones that do, very few do it well. Complications are rampant, and from what I can see, very few people have done as well as I have.

The forum had been quiet for months, and yesterday I started getting flooded with emails from it. I knew that there was a chance of spontaneous hip dislocations after the surgery, but geez, is there a rash of them right now. People going to bed, and coughing. Wham, hip dislocation. Step off a curb, hip dislocation. Sneeze, you get the picture.

The new complication is calcification of the psoas tendons and the labrum. Boo! Now they've scared me. When I run I get a tearing feeling down into the groin and quad. I figured I was breaking up scar tissue, which just has to be done. We'll have to see how this one plays out.

Speaking of running, I went out in the City last night again. Besides running over the leaves that everyone rakes into the street, it was pretty great. I'm still doing the Fred Flintstone thing... spinning legs that dont go anywhere, but my stride will eventually come back. I hope...

I did 5 miles of slog walking. Probably ran about 4.5 miles, and walked intermittently. When I got to Shadwell Alley, I decided to walk it. I looked up at a 6' privacy fence and saw a small hawk, like a kestrel. 4 boards over was a squirrel. The two of them were pointedly not looking at each other. You know, its the boogeyman under the bed thing. If you pretend he's not there, maybe he'll just go away! I don't know if the hawk wasn't hungry or what, but I thought it was pretty funny how the two of them were so busy ignoring each other, that they didn't notice me at all.

Hey, maybe it will really rain this week! Everybody do a rain dance!

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