Monday, October 22, 2007

Stranger and stranger....

Saturday started off great. I actually RAN 45 minutes with Cliff prior to the ABC ride, and for the first time, I actually felt GOOD! I'm trying to be smart, and decided to quit while I was ahead and didn't keep going, but instead headed back to the van to get all the bikes out, and take UP for a spin around the still deserted parking lot.

UP is a blast. Its going to take me a long time to get used to the track position, and the no brakes thing. Geez, that bike is fast. I was whipping around the parking lot in no time. When J got there, I sent her off on her, and J pronounced the bike "scary." Then Cliff laughed, jumped on and was wizzing by like he had ridden a track bike all his life. Its not fair. He did that to me as well when I was trying to learn running dismounts off the cyclocross bike. I just have to face it, he's an animal.

J was a bit taken aback by the range of bikes and riders on the ABC ride. I told her not to worry, the majority do this 10 mile out to Ashland ride, eat lots and then ride back. We break out quick and go a different way to do 40 miles. Big sigh of relief. So we start down the road and almost get taken out by a triguy with a huge yellow reflective triangle off the back of his bottle launcher. I guess he just overbalanced on his aero bars and the closest soft spot was us. Sorry, we sprinted ahead and he almost crashed into a ditch.

From there we caught Cliff and J gave him an earful about how we had to get out of the mess, right as we got to a set of railroad tracks. From behind us, the triguy came up, I guess he couldnt stop, and he went wildly riding cyclocross style, ala Lance Armstrong at the Tour, across a field. Surprisingly enough, he made it which put him ahead of the field. Cliff was impressed and decided that we had to ride with that guy. It took strong vocalizations from us to convince him otherwise. Plus we blew his wheels off as we went by. The poor sap didnt know what was going by. Riding with people with no bike skills is just plain scary. Halloween is not for another week and I'll save the frights for then!

Later we hooked up with Dr Ike, the best urologist in Richmond, and it turned out into a testosterone festival between Ike, Cliff and our buddy Andy. Ike turns 63 next week, Cliff was 63 in August, and Andy finally had to shake his head about the adults beating up on him. Julie and I just hung at the back and laughed at the fine wine guys determined to show each other up. For a Saturday on the weird side.... it just doesnt get any better than this!

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