Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who do you love?

This month's Bicycling mag has a pretty funny little quiz... who do you love... your bicycle or your significant other. Think its an easy answer?
Ok, lets go!
1. I'll never forget the first time I saw you. Ok, Cliff wins. I was running, and he is an animal. You couldn't help but be impressed. Bikes...

2. I wanted you instantly.... I'm pretty slow to warm up. The only thing I've wanted instantly was that track bike, and that was because I'm such a bargain slut and I knew that I could get it cheap!

3. I often find myself dreaming of you... Ok, its a tie... I dream of biking all the time, and my daydreams of other things... forget it, I'm not sharing.

4. There's more than one photo of us together on my desk. Um, bikes win! (But there are more of them... do I divide the number of photos by the number of bikes to make it more fair?

5. I love showing you off to my friends. Probably a tie again.

6. My friends often remark how attractive you are. Yikes, tie again. Plus, most people tend to remark how much of an animal Cliff is vs. how good looking. I think its just as much of a complement.

7. In a typical week, we spend 5 or more quality hours together. Tie again.

8. When you're around, I often look at you with admiration and longing.
We're starting to see a trend here... tie again.

9. In the last 3 months I've spent more than $250 on you. Easily. Tie.

10. I desperately want to take you to Italy. Oh, yeah baby! And France, and across America, across Virginia, across everywhere. Tie again.

11. Our last ride lasted more than an hour. Since I did my last ride with Dottie and Cliff, that would have to be a tie again.

12. It's thrilling how you respond beneath me. Smut brain. I'm not answering on line. Go wash your head out with soap.

13. I would never let anyone else ride you. Ok, a clear winner for Cliff. I let people ride my bikes all the time. Just nice people. Clean people. People with no diseases and a kind touch. Cliff, I'll break your hands.

14. You make my heart beat faster. Tie. Usually its Cliff making me ride really hard, on Dottie. Other times... see above. You need help.

15. You make me feel young. Wrong on both sides. Both make me happy, but tired. Tired makes me feel OLD! Old is good, think of wine.

16. You have taken me to places and shown me things that I thought I would never see. Tie. I usually go places with Cliff on a bike.

17. When I'm with you, I'm at peace with the world. Ok, tie. Except for when I almost get run over I never have bad times on the bike. Some not entirely optimal, but never bad. Ditto with Cliff. Both make me feel that things are always going to be ok.

18. You were made for me. Neither. Bikes are mass produced. I'll never have a custom bike. Cliff was made for Cliff. I just got lucky in the choice department!

19. I can't live without you. Neither. But life would sure suck without bikes and my honey, now wouldn't it.

20. I will never upgrade you to a newer model. Ding Ding! We have a clear winner! I can always find loving homes for my bikes, but Cliff is a keeper!

So how did you score? Honest?

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