Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ice is NICE!

I'm a very goal oriented person. Once I have a goal, thats the plan, and it takes an act of Congress to get it changed. If the goal goes on paper, sorry, its not going to change. So I've set a very modest goal, I'm going to run the Ntelos 8k in 50 minutes. Thats seriously slower than what I would have run it in the past, very seriouslyslower. But... like I told Julie after her surgery, you have to have old pr's and post surgery pr's. So this will be my post-surgery new pr race.
Now I'm getting from Julie what I did to her. You know, the whole psych job of you shouldn't do too much, ice is nice, its going to be ok, and don't kill anyone speaches. I'm surprised she just didn't whale off an break my nose. Fact of the matter is, starting back running hurts. My balance is off, my form is terrible and everything hurts. I have tons of endurance, but can't take the pounding. When I see people running on the other side of the road you start getting that secret wish that they get hit by a bus because how can they be running so good when I cant. Whah!
My biggest nightmare happened last night. I ran downtown so that I could run on roads without a bad camber. I did try to run on side roads so that no one would see me. I even did good, ran a mile, walked a bit, ran a mile, walked a bit, ran a 1/2 mile, then walked about 2 miles back to the car. One of the guys who I used to run with passed me, did a double take, and stopped and said, "Karen?" I wanted to slug him. Yep, its me... grrrrr.
This too shall pass. I'll either be able to run again or I won't. Its a challenge. In the meantime, after running I curl up on the couch with all my ice packs, hip, groin, knee, it band. The dogs think its great. Me, not so much. And if you see me running, pretend you dont. Its safer that way...

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