Monday, October 15, 2007

Richmond Folk Festival

Ok, so one day I'll figure out how to rotate pictures on this silly thing!

Saturday was just about a perfect day. Got up early, ran with Cliff, and was actually smart enough to say when, long before I started to hurt. Then we joined up with the ABC ride, and did 40 some miles to and from Ashland. Nice people, a good ride, what more can you ask for?

Later, Cliff and I headed down to the Nat'l Folk Festival. Wow, it was the bomb. They had so many people that they ran out of water and ice on the first afternoon. Water for the day? No, the weekend! Even the satellite parking was sold out. Lucky for us, we know this town and had no problem finding a parking space. It helps when you are fit enough to walk places.

The funniest/saddest sight of the day was the handicapped shuttle. Handicapped in more ways than one, as one of the golf carts attempted to climb "Mt. Ethel" with 2 people in the back that had to weigh over 500 lbs each. Mt. Ethel is about 150 yards long, maybe 21-22% grade. We were coming down, and I can tell you from doing hill repeats on that monster in the past that you had better be ready to go up. Well, that golf cart made a valiant attempt to climb, but just couldnt get up, and had to stop and let the people out half way up, or risk flipping over. It was quite the sight.

We hooked up with Bill and Molly, and had a grand old time watching the Holmes Brothers from Saluda. Wow, can those guys play. We saw them later doing a Hank Williams tribute where they stole the show. Zydeco, Texas Swing, Latin, Gospel, R & B... you name it, it was there on one of the many stages. We were planning on coming for a few hours, and ended up staying until the shows closed down. It was awsome.

Next year the show will be back as the Richmond Folk Festival. We'll be back, and hope to see everyone there!

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